Factinate Achieves 44% Adblock Revenue Recovery Rate

Publisher: Factinate (Factinate.com)

Factinate is a general knowledge website dedicated to "fun facts about everything", publishing relevant and interesting facts, trivia, and knowledge from a wide variety of topics. Factinate are very active content producers, and drive traffic via social media, referral partners, paid and organic channels. This anti-adblock case study includes increased pageviews, strong ARPV improvements, lower block rates, and repeatable adblock revenue recovery.

Goal: Quantify and Recover Blocked Ad Revenue

Factinate’s primary objective was to increase revenues lost from visitors blocking ads. They were aware that a substantial percentage of their audience likely used ad blockers, and wanted to quantify that loss, as well as implement an anti-adblock solution to reduce future losses. Factinate focused their resources on creating a high volume of great content, and building traffic, and thus did not have dev cycles to spare for constant monitoring and adjustment to solve their adblock loss problem.

Solution: Admiral Transact & Admiral Engage

Factinate leveraged the free Admiral analytics tool Measure, a dashboard showing how many of their ad impressions are blocked by adblock technology, broken down by device and other segments. Factinate has a pretty loyal audience, and they felt comfortable engaging them to ask them to support Factinate.com by allowlisting the site in their blockers.

Using Admiral’s Engage module and journey builder, several visitor engagement messages were set up inviting visitors to add factinate.com to their blocker’s allowlist/whitelist.

Factinate leveraged Admiral’s Smart Engage methodology to seek optimal recovery conversions. Smart Engage provides periodic dismissible requests to visitors to allow ads, and optimally nudges frequent visitors with a non-dismissible ask to support the content they are consuming.

Block rates began dropping immediately, and recovered revenue rising, with improvements in each every month for six consecutive months. In fact, the recovered revenue in month 6 was 300% more than that recovered in the first month launched. Tens of thousands of dollars have been recovered, and block rates reduced by 69% in six months.

An additional finding was that the visitors Admiral recovered generated pageviews at a 2.1X rate that of non-blockers, resulting in ~240% improved ARPV.


  • Adblock Revenue Recovery Rate of 44%

  • Recovered visitors visit 2.1X more pages than non-blocking visitors

  • Block Rate Decrease of 68.7%












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