Full-Stack Adblock Recovery Beats Paying the Blockers by 9X, Head-to-Head Case Study

Publisher: Popular Casual Gaming and Trivia Website

A popular casual gaming and trivia website, and Admiral customer, had been using Acceptable Ads as its sole adblock recovery solution. AA (Acceptable Ads) is based on delivering an ad-lite experience for visitors using an AA-integrated adblocker. This approach was recovering around $9K per month, but the publisher was interested in maximizing revenue further.

Objective: Evaluate Using a Combo of Adblock Recovery Methods Concurrently to Maximize Revenue

The publisher wanted to see if they could optimize revenue recovery by layering on the Admiral full stack allowlist approach in tandem with the AA-based solution. Admiral’s proprietary Recover Module offers both recovery methods, or it can complement a pre-existing AA solution without any disruption.

The publisher recognized there was money left on the table with the ad reinsertion model. The AA-based method can deliver ads built to the AA standard, but only if the visitor is using a compatible adblocker, and if they have set the adblocker to allow ads. 

Additionally, the AA method does not support some high-value ad formats such as video ads and enforces limits on ad density, shape, and size. All of those considerations mean the publisher is only recovering a fraction of potential monetization with reinsertion recovery alone.

The allowlist-based approach unlocks the publisher's full ad stack for a visitor, and does so by establishing an overtly consent-based relationship with the visitor. This fully monetizes the highest value ads available for the visitor, and can help reach fill goals for key sales commitments.

The publisher's Ad Ops team was familiar with the practice of yield optimization, and leveraging the combo of recovery methods made similar sense for achieving revenue goals.

(For examples of pros vs cons across recovery methods, check out our Ultimate Adblock Revenue Recovery Guide.)


Solution: Measure Daily Revenue Recovered via Visitor Allowlisting, AA-based ads, and the Combination

Admiral’s allowlist-based recovery solution was added with no change to existing AA efforts. Admiral’s “Customer Love” team set up the allowlist messaging and set the appropriate targeting and frequency for the publisher’s audience.

The results of the recovery combo were more positive than the publisher expected, jumping nearly 4X in the first month that the recovery combo was turned on. Revenue quickly rose from $9k/mth with existing methods, to $34k/mth the first month Admiral was added. The revenue recovered doubled again two months later, to hit $62k/mth. Within 7 months of running the combo, Admiral’s allowlist approach was driving as much as 11X more revenue than reinsertion methods alone.


  • Full-stack recovery delivered 7.3X more total revenue than the AA filtered-ad method

  • On an RPM basis, full-stack recovery delivered 9X higher RPM

  • Leveraging the combination of recovery methods resulted in the most profitable results for the publisher











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