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Growing great relationships leads to the best in life and in business. Welcome to Admiral: The Visitor Relationship Management Company.
A single platform helping Publishers grow Visitor Relationships and Revenue via simple, powerful, marketing automation.
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Because Visitors Are People,
Not Statistics.

Relationships drive revenue growth. The stronger the relationship with your visitors, the more value flows from each visit.

Good relationships start with great communication. Admiral provides publishers with a marketing automation platform to communicate with visitors, increase activation, and diversify revenue across a variety of touchpoints. We call this Visitor Relationship Management (VRM).

Admiral helps you execute each of the relationship and revenue goals below, and unlocks multiplier effects across the full visitor relationship and revenue yield curve.

Origin story: Why every publisher needs VRM.

One tag to install. One vendor to manage. One consistent visitor experience.



Adblock Recovery

The premiere adblock revenue recovery solution for publishers. Adblock detection, revenue recovery, and detailed adblock analytics.

  • Highest recovered RPM in the industry 
  • Optimal anti-adblock combo: simultaneous full-stack recovery + ad-reinsertion.
  • Adblock analytics dashboard with revenue recovered, block rates, and more
  • One tag install - easily launch in minutes
  • Risk-free, guaranteed net revenue gain
  • Adblock Recovery case study



Paywalls and Digital Subscriptions

Grow reader revenue with paywalls, paid subscription management, and donation pages.

  • Intuitive tools for configuring visitor offers (enhanced with GPT AI integration)
  • Easy subscriber account creation, login, data management and analytics
  • Right offer, right time, across the visitor journey
  • Build direct, predictable, recurring revenue

Admiral VRM: the industry's best value subscription management platform.



Privacy & Consent

Manage privacy & consent settings in compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and more with Admiral Consent Management Platform (CMP).

  • Ensure GDPR and CCPA Compliance
  • One of industry's first IAB Compliant CMP
  • IP geolocation detection
  • Highly configurable CTA's, IAB and non-IAB vendors, TCF 2.2



Regwalls and Email Acquisition

Grow email signups quickly. Collect 1st party data and authenticate users via registration walls:

  • Easily test and offer incentives for email newsletter signups
  • Launch registration walls quickly; schedule to maximize conversions
  • Target by segment, configure CTA's for the right offer, at the right time
  • Grow first-party visitor data with authenticated visitors
  • Steer adblockers to win-win options, email signup, allowlist, or paid subscriptions



Social Subscriptions

Grow followers across multiple social media platforms to drive more site traffic.

  • Increase social follows and visitor touchpoints
  • Promote reader follows on FB, Twitter, IG, TikTok, and more
  • Offer social media value exchanges to grow your brand footprint

Easy to install, one tag, grow followers in minutes.

I was surprised to see how much just one of our sites (WRAL.com) was losing to adblockers. We are now recovering thousands of dollars in what were once ad-blocked impressions by installing a single tag.

Capitol Broadcasting

It's super easy, and the support I get from Admiral's Customer Love team is great, super responsive.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Admiral VRM delivers true, incremental revenue we were not getting, with minimal lift. It’s almost found money.

Advance Local

The Admiral VRMbot helped Inven Global deploy a quick, low code  element that gives our readers easy access to their accounts and subscription. This took the load off our dev team.

Inven Global

We found that Admiral’s VRM platform worked for us. It was a light lift on the tech side. You have to find a partner that you can work well with, that is responsive, that will do things for you, and for us that is Admiral.

Boone Newspapers

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